Friday, July 18, 2008

My History 我的創作歷史: Work 2003-2004 我的創作

Target of Exploration:
Searching for feasibility in the incorporation of Chinese traditional painting skill, elements of western arts, personal concepts of aesthetics, and oriental style of philosophy about life.
Representative Works:
Best Couple: Best Couple:Rice Village-27(Picture Above), Tomatoes in Basket: Rice Village-16
Growing up in a family with my parents are engaging in educational works, I learned Chinese calligraphy from my grandfather since the age of 6 and later became a professional teacher of craft and fine arts after graduation from Normal Art University of Shanghai, a development background injected me a rooted affection about Chinese culture and helping me create profound understanding about Chinese culture. After having settled down in the States, I’ve developed deep knowledge of the western culture and social structure thanks to the nature of my work. All the double track experiences naturally merged in may heart gradually for many years that have turned into diversified nutrients to bring to my creation a brand new thoughts.
In the series of Rice Village, I attempted to add oriental philosophy into Chinese traditional painting skills before making delicate incorporation based my years of uninterrupted groping about and initiation of essences of western arts, a creative concept having taken its form step by step through my repeated trials. Viewers should be able to witness from scrolls of substantial works the interests and composition of merging the command of traditional Chinese ink and brushes in the painting with traces of efforts in delivering messages of modern spirits of the western world. Exploration process experienced by me indeed cast significant impacts upon my creative style in future.

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