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My Exhibitions 我的展覽- in Tokyo Japan 2007

“Growing in Eastern, Harmonized in Western- Solo Exhibition by Jeff Lu"
Press Release

" Drowing in Eastern, Harmonized in Western - Solo Exhibition by Jeff Lu"

Presented by Dr. John B. Tsu Foundation

Exhibition Date: Nov. 13, 2007 (Tuesday) ~ Nov. 21, 2007 (Wednesday)
Venue: The Art Museum at Japan-China Friendship Center
Address: 1-5-3, Koraku, Bunkyoku, Tokyo, Japan

With ardent and exquisite planning, Chinese American artist Mr. Jeff Lu will inaugurate his 9-day solo exhibition held at the Japan-China Friendship Center in Tokyo on Nov. 13, 2007. This is Lu’s first solo exhibition outside of the United States since he settled in the U.S. twenty years ago. Since the founding of the Japan-China Friendship Center, this is also its first exhibition by an artist of Chinese descent with international fame.

Residing in the San Francisco Bay Area currently, Lu has received rigorous art training in his early years in China, thus laying a solid foundation for his artistic presentation. After his arrival in the US in pursuit of an advanced study two decades ago, Lu not only studied artistic theories in the field of Western painting, which deepened his artistic attainments in the immense realm of creativity, but he also earned the opportunity in making comparison, interpreting, and conducting researches between Eastern and Western arts.

By immersing himself into two diverse and different artistic worlds, Lu thus developed his own unique and personal perception and presentation in his paintings. Furthermore, Lu’s long-term engagement in professional journalism has also earned him many opportunities with in-depth understanding of a diverse aspect of the American society - politically, economically, technologically, culturally, as well as artistically. All these real-life experiences have enhanced his sensitivity, creativity, and wisdom of life.

With such abundant experiences and extensive horizons, Lu is well equipped with keen perspective, profound comprehensibility, and precise expression, all of which undoubtedly distinguishes him from that of other Chinese artists. The physical image of Lu’s creativity, either representational or abstract, always presents an in-depth interpretation and view toward his philosophy of life. By applying the traditional Chinese ink and color brushes of painting, combined with in-depth inspirations from Western culture and techniques, Lu’s endless passion for creativity blossoms into amazing artworks. Lu’s artistic styles and charms can be described as ingenuity, eclectic expressions, and harmony between the Eastern and the Western. All people who appreciate Lu’s paintings deeply appreciate his distinctive and unique artistic expressions.

There are about sixty artworks by Lu presented in the current exhibition, and some of the most exquisite ones were created by Lu in the recent three years. In order to exhibit his artistic development and show insight into the process of evolution through time and experiences of life, Lu has picked out and displayed some of his early works featuring traditional Chinese ink painting and calligraphy. Therefore, this upcoming solo exhibition covers a wide range of Lu’s artistic presentation. This is an excellent opportunity for people who have great ardor for arts to gain insight into Lu’s journey into the world of arts.

In recognition of Lu’s artistic achievement, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has sent a letter of compliment to Lu after learning Lu’s solo exhibition in Japan. Kansen Chu - San Jose city councilman, Kathy Sakamoto - Executive Director of San Jose Japan Town Business Association, and Olivia Cheng - Vice President of Chung Tai Zen Center of Sunnyvale, have also expressed their deepest support and blessing to Lu’s upcoming solo exhibition in Japan. All of them have strongly expressed their hope that Lu will hold a similar exhibition in the San Francisco Bay Area after his return from Japan, so that local admirers will have a chance to view his artworks.

As the major organizer of this exhibition, we are honored for this great opportunity to introduce such a talented artist to our fellow Japanese art loves. We would like to show our gratitude for the many people who have helped in making Lu’s solo exhibition a success.

《成長在東方•融匯在西方 - 陸源現代水墨書畫展》


《成長在東方•融匯在西方 - 陸源 現代水墨書畫展》


展覽日期: 2007/11/13(週二)—11/21(週三)
展覽地點: 日中友好會館美術館
展覽地址: 東京都文京區樂後1丁目5番3號

經過多時籌備,美籍華裔畫家陸源(Jeff Lu)將于11月13日在日本東京“日中友好會館(Japan-China Friendship Center)”舉辦為期9天的個人畫展。這是陸源自旅美20年后首次赴日、也是在美國境外首次舉辦的個展。同時,對於“日中友好會館”來說,這是自成立以來首次為非來自中國大陸本地的藝術家,而是來自國際上具有華裔身分的藝術家所承辦的畫展。




為表示對陸源的努力的肯定,加州州長阿諾(Arnold Schwarzenegger)在知悉他赴日舉辦個人畫展事宜後,特別向他發函祝賀,預祝畫展成功,并期待這次畫展能夠增進加州藝術家與日本同行的交流與合作。此外,包括聖荷西市議員朱感生(Kansen Chu, The City Council of San Jose)、聖荷西日本城商會執行長坂本真女士(Kathy Sakamoto, The Executive Director of San Jose Japan Town Business Association)、中興集團總裁楊俊龍先生( Saul Yeung, The President of Central Computer Crop. ) 、矽谷太古精社護法會副會長金蕙芬女士 (Olivia Cheng, The Vice President of Chung Tai Zen Center of Sunnyvale) 在內的諸多好友,對於陸源此次的展出都深表支持和祝福,並強烈的期盼陸源自日返回後,也能在舊金山灣區舉辦類似的展覽,以饗長期默默支持他的廣大觀眾。

而做為此次的主辦單位,本會對於能促成此一展覽成形,深感欣慰; 並對於任何願意在今年秋天參與陸源在日本東京展覽活動的朋友,不論是提供支援或是出席畫展,謹在此表達由衷的謝意和歡迎。


《東洋で成長•西洋で融合 - 陸源 現代水墨書画展》



長い間の入念な準備を経て、アメリカ国籍華僑の陸源氏(Jeff Lu)は、11月13日、日本東京“日中友好会館(Japan-China Friendship Center)”にて9日間、個展を開催します。この個展は陸源氏が20年間米国に滞在された後、米国の国境外では初めて、また日本でも初めて開催される個展です。“日中友好会館”樹立後、初めて中国からの芸術家としてではなく、世界華僑の一芸術家として開催する画展になります。


陸源氏は上記の通り豊富な経歴と広い視野を持たれているので、ほかの華僑画家の経歴と比べますと、陸源氏が優れた鋭い観察力と深い理解力そして正確な表現力の持ち主である事が良く分かります。陸源氏が描いた“物象”、 具象や抽象の如何にかかわらず、常に人生の哲理に対して、より深いレベルからの解釈と見方を見られます。中国絵画の墨と色彩の運用を通して、また東西文化のインパクトによって生じた創作に対するパッションとインスピレーションを借用して、個人が人生に対する“すっぱい、甘い、苦い、辛い”のような深い体験を強調し、“心と手が一つになる・全てを受け入れる・中国と西洋を学び尽くす”のような個人風采を充分に展開し、陸源氏の作品を観賞した人なら、彼の優れているところを否認できないと信じています。

今回の出展作品は約50点で、そのほとんどは陸源氏のここ3年間の精作であります。 しかし日本の観衆と芸術愛好者が、全面的に画家創作の演変過程と生命の成長歴程を理解するために、陸源氏は早期の伝統水墨画と書法作品を選び出して出展しました。よって、今回の出展内容は本当に完璧であり、絵画芸術愛好者の皆様にとりまして、陸源氏の作品への認識を深める絶好の機会です。
陸源氏の努力に対する評価を認めるために、カルニフォールニア州知事アーノルド・シュワルツネッガー氏(Arnold Schwarzenegger)は、陸源が日本で個展を開催するにあたり、知事自ら祝賀の手紙を送られ、個展の成功及びこの画展を通じてカルニフォールニア州と日本の芸術家の間に、更なる交流と合作の促進が生まれる事をを期待されています。そしてサンノゼ市議会議員Kansen Chu 氏(The City Council of San Jose)・サンノゼ西日本城商会執行長坂本真女史(Kathy Sakamoto The Executive Director of San Jose Japan Town Business Association)・シリコンバレー太古精社護法会副会長金蕙芬女史(Olivia Cheng The Vice President of Chung Tai Zen Center of Sunnyvale)などの芸術家の友人達も、陸源の今回出展に対して、支持と祝福を送られました。また日本から帰米後、長期間に渡り、黙って支えて来た数多くのファンのためにも、サンフランシスコベイエリアにて、展覧を開催するように強く期待されています。


Artist's Word 作者的話

會到日本東京舉辦畫展是一個難得的緣分。 多年前在一個偶然機會下,認識了先後為五位美國總统效力過的白宫亞太裔事物委員會主席祖炳民教授,並與他結成忘年之交。祖教授知我甚愛繪畫,就主動的表示要為我安排一次在日本東京的畫展,並對日本的友人提出了這個想法。他過世後(2004年) ,祖夫人傅虹霖博士和日本友人並未忘卻此事,在他們的大力支持下,此展覽逐漸成行。也因此祖炳民教授基金會自然成為這次畫展的主辦單位。

祖炳民教授基金會是由傅虹霖博士和一批忠實支持者共同發起并倡導成立的非營利性组織,以此来傳承祖炳民教授的遗願,鼓勵更多美國亞裔和華裔参政,提高亞太裔在美國的政治地位和影響力。祖教授生前將畢生的精力投入到推動亞太裔美國人進入美國政府和高層公共事業中工作,成就斐然,受到全美亞太裔社區的普遍尊重和愛戴。他先後為五位美国總统效力過,分別是尼克森總统、福特總统、雷根總统、老布希總统和现任布什總统。 除了擔任白宫亞太裔事物委員會主席外,祖教授也是國際領袖人才基金會的創始人,該基金會包括了现任總统内閣成員:交通部長峰田、劳工部長趙小蘭和AVON產品制造廠家的CEO ANDREA-JUNG小姐等。同時,他還是美國百人會的創始人之一,該會的成員包括雅虎公司的華裔創始人之一的楊致遠、奥勒岡州華裔眾議員吳振偉、加州州立大學校董李信麟博士、前加州大學主席會成員STANLEY.T.王、以及加州州立大學伯克莱分校前校長田長霖等人。 像他這樣一位積極推動華裔參政、支持東西方文化交流不遺餘力的前輩,一生的貢獻無法細數,值得我們尊敬與仿效。而我感到非常榮幸能在他的鼓勵和支持下,舉辦生平第一次的日本畫展。


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