Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Work 我的作品: Golden City 金色城市

Picture: "Golden City-San Jose", Color on Paper, 14x14 inches, 2008
圖片: "金色城市–聖荷西" 水彩紙, 14x14英吋, 2008

Artist Statement

The idea of creating the project titled “Golden City” begain with the deep appreciation and affection for the San Francisco Bay Area, the wonderful Mediterranean climate place where I chose to live in 1997, and the passionate desire to share this appreciation and affection with the worldwide audience.

After sharing this idea with some closed friends of mine, I received their positive feedback and encouragement. Therefore, I started working on it and chose the city of San Jose, where I live now, being the first one I like to introduce.

By applying Oriental and Western painting techniques, I represented San Jose City Hall with symbols of Silicon Valley -- chip. With daring and wonderful artistic scope and skillful techniques, this painting epitomizes the international image of San Jose, the 10th largest city of the United States of America, as "the Capital of Silicon Valley."

Kansan Chu, councilman of San Jose, liked this work very much and chose it being the gift for the VIP visitors of San Jose City Hall. I felt very honored about it.

I sincerely hope that through viewing this series of artwork, audiences not only witness my artistic skill and concept, but also experience the emotion and thought I sought to share, and produce a positive feedback and appreciation about the environment and variety of Bay Area.

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